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Do you have a sound system on site? 

 No, you must bring your own PA system and generator to run all electric. 

​ What is the decibel limit for sound?  

 Volume must remain under 45 decibels.

Can we bring a live band or DJ?  

 Absolutely, that's why we built the place! We love live music. 


Are we allowed to bring in our own vendors? 

 Yes, we encourage it! 

Do you have a list of referred vendors?   

 Yes, we will be happy to share our vendor list with you. 

Can we have fire dancers at the venue?  

No fire performance at the venue, everything is built with dead Eucalyptus trees, and while we love Burning Man, we don't want to light up our venue in flames. 



Do you have a grill or kitchen on site? 

 Yes, we have a propane grill and Old Fashioned Santa Maria Grill. 

We have built a gazebo kind of like an outdoor kitchenette. 

Can I bring my own caterer or food truck?   

 Yes, Absolutely! yumm! 

Where is the nearest Grocery Store?  

We are central to many stores, such as Walmart, Costco, local supermarkets and liquor stores. 

Can I bring my pet? 

 Yes, we love our furry friends, but please keep them on a leash and remember to pick up after them. By the boat at The Shipping Stage, we have a faucet for your pet to drink from that is at their four legged height. 

What kind of wildlife will we find around the venue?    

 We have the best lawn mowers in town! We have over 20 cows and 5 horses that remain on the outside of the barbwire fence. You are welcome to pet them. They love anything sweet, and to our surprise they like whiskey wine. Fun story how we found that little tidbit out. 

Are there bugs?  

Why yes, we are an all-outdoor venue and campground. ​

  • Keep a look out for Ants, bees, flies, nighttime scorpions and black spiders.

  • At night you might hear a screeching owl. We have beautiful hawks too.

  • The other side of Forrest Rd is a kangaroo rat reserve.

  • There is a first aid kid next to The Aquifer. 



When was Rock & Tree established? 

 Rock & Tree was created in 2017, Everything in the venue was built by Anson and Taryn. 

What kind of trees are at Rock & Tree? 

Eucalyptus Trees also known as Gum Trees, Trees of Heaven and Pepper Trees. 

How many Campsites do you have?

​We have 8 dispersed campsites named after different kinds of dance moves. These are established sites but we can fit up to 200 guests all camping. 

Is it windy?

Winds pick up in the late afternoon, make sure your tent is secured.

What outdoor games do you have?

  • Games to play in venue, Cornhole, Giant Slingshot, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, we like giant things. 

  • We have a craft area where you can paint recycled bottles.

  • Basketball Hoop

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