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ANSON & TARYN  It's so nice to "meet you" and thank you for taking the time to look through our site. Rock & Tree was created by a young and newly married couple, Taryn and and Anson. Anson Krekeler is a folk and blues musician and has travelled all around the U.S. playing his music and I was an aspiring Voice-Over actress. One day, we decided that we wanted to live the rest of our lives hosting live music, and plays and that's how Rock & Tree began. As the idea grew, we wanted to create an Open Canvas so that the guest could dream up what they wanted on our stage.We moved to the Inland Empire from Santa Monica, in 2017 with the dream of building an open canvas event space out of sustainable, repurposed and natural materials. Our mission is help enrich the culture of Perris, CA by providing a unique venue that takes you away from the hustle and bustle and takes you to a wonderland of nature surrounded by rocks and eucalyptus trees.

A true passion project, Anson and I are building everything ourselves with the help of our friends and family every now and again. Our process is that we source as much lumber using the dead Eucalyptus trees we have here on the 36 acre property and we are constantly trying to come up with innovative ways to use recycled and donated materials in the venue. We now live on the property in a 24ft camper and we feel so lucky that our dream is slowly becoming a reality. You can follow our journey on our Instagram page 


I will leave you with this cute story; On June 3rd 2017, we hosted a private soft opening for the venue. Little did I know, Anson would propose to me on the Gazebo Stage in front of all of our friends and family. This was the most magical day of my life and I hope that Rock & Tree can be the place that hosts your most magical day as well. 

Watch the Engagement and Original Song by Anson Krekeler here 































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